Louie Lino’s career in music began by absorbing everything that is great about New York City’s vibrant musical culture and then distilling it to his own matrix of creative essentials. As a player, composer, producer, recordist, and mixer, he’s worn many hats, making music in many different styles and media.


photo by Zach Anderson

Resonate studio in Austin is Louie’s home base. Small but mighty, it’s a studio space that sets you at ease. At Resonate, it just feels good in there. Louie creates an environment where you can perform, take creative risks, and the results will speak for themselves.

Louie has the knack for capturing great performances and the spontaneous musical energy that brings any project to the next level.

Matt Pond had this to say in Magnet Magazine’s series “From The Desk Of Matt Pond”, “Despite what the magazines may say, recording is mostly performance and blind faith. Louie quietly cultivates the essential elements of a person and their songs. He’s a low-key wizard. Now in Austin, I love the quality of his components, the coolness and comfort of his setup. Mostly, Louie reveres music. Everyone should make their albums with him.”

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